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Senior managers have to deal with strategy, customers, operations, finance and (the most difficult of all!) people and relationships. Yet people from technical backgrounds are often not trained or equipped to do this.

They need is a wider set of management and business methodologies, skills, techniques and competencies.

For example, managing a business is very different to managing a project because it requires strategic thinking, judgment, flexibility, coping with ambiguity, risk taking and the active influencing of stakeholders.

Furthermore, prospective customers need to feel comfortable about your people and their ability to work with them. Account and relationship management skills are vital for senior technical staff, ideally enhanced by some marketing and sales techniques.

Magela has helped dozens of technology-based companies, research institutes and R & D divisions of major companies to address these areas. Clients span engineering, pharmaceuticals, software and biological sciences, including the former R & D Management Centre at Cranfield University.